(hoga-presse) The Maastricht & region visit by 19 (inter)national planners of corporate meetings during the TEFAF, world’s biggest antique and art fair, was highly rated by the participants. The Maastricht Convention Bureau, organiser of this so called “site visit” scores 9.3 in “organisation” and 8.7 (in a scale out of 10) for the programme as offered. “We are actually pretty proud about that”, says Tamara Piatkiewitz-Weide, Sales Manager Meetings & Incentives.

The Maastricht Convention Bureau organises several site visits a year, in cooperation with its partners. The effect is far more bigger than a meeting at the client’s office or at a fair. Attendees are able to feel, taste and literally see the diverse possibilities when it comes to conventions, incentives and meetings. “We have deliberately chosen to let it take place during the TEFAF, so we could show how a big event like that influences the city in a positive way”,  says Tamara. “On the occasion of this site visit, there are several attendees who have actually requested a quotation from our participants.” She continues: “The next site visit is already on our agenda: in December, during Magical Maastricht.

Site visits are organised to show the city of Maastricht and its region to planners of corporate meetings. Via the Maastricht Convention Bureau, participants work together to promote Maastricht & region, in The Netherlands and abroad, as a destination for conventions and corporate meetings. This way, planners are able to experience the possibilities of the city when it comes to conventions and meetings and the region is on their top of minds again as a destination for corporate meetings.”

The many positive reactions the Maastricht Convention Bureau received afterwards proved they succeeded, for example:

Thank you Tamara and the Maastricht Convention Bureau for – yet again – taking us on a magic trip through Maastricht Region.
You manage each time to surprise those who think they know the destination and you effortlessly convince first time visitor of the great potential of your destination!
Maastricht has too many USP’s to name them all, but one in particular stands out: the super warm welcome everywhere….
I’ll be back… with business! 🙂
PS: the visit to TEFAF was just the cherry on the cake.. fab!!!

For more information, please contact Tamara Piatkiewitz-Weide, sales manager Meetings & Incentives of the Maastricht Convention Bureau, telephone number +31 (0)43 328 08 38. Our internet address is www.maastrichtconventionbureau.com.